Participant Information

Health care providers can quickly and securely retrieve a patient’s treatment record, lab results, prescription lists and other information without having to rely on phone calls, fax messages or the postal service.

MHC’s network spans the entire continuum of patient care, connecting hospitals, physicians, health agencies, local public health offices and more. Our services help providers streamline processes, cut down on administrative tasks and minimize the potential for human error – all while expediting the exchange of critical patient data.

  • Grow at your own pace. Our system allows for reduced upfront costs and incremental deployment, making it possible to build on existing investments rather than start from scratch.
  • Leverage joint buying power of Michigan Health Connect to license Medicity software and services at significantly reduced rates. MHC enables members to take advantage of reduced interface costs through Michigan Health Connect negotiated discounts and central integration hubs with major EMR vendors.
  • Gain exclusive connectivity with Michigan Health Connect’s Provider Network. Members connect to the Michigan Health Connect platform via a single Record Locator Service and Community Master Person Index.
  • Michigan Health Connect provides a common, standards-based gateway connecting with state government systems such as Michigan MiHIN Shared Services platform as well as the National Health Information Network (NHIN)
  • Centralized support. Michigan Health Connect provides centralized configuration support for clinical messaging solutions and infrastructure components. Members send Michigan Health Connect their data and Michigan Health Connect makes sure it gets where it needs to go.
  • Scalable solutions for all providers. Michigan Health Connect has local deployment and technical platform development and enhancement resources for both hospital and community-based solutions.
  • EMR vendor neutrality. Michigan Health Connect does not have its own electronic medical record solution. It integrates with all EMR products across the state rather than competing with individual hospital physician affiliate programs.
  • Innovate with the industry. Participate in unique joint grant and pilot project opportunities to reduce cost and improve care in our communities.
  • Meet Meaningful Use Requirements. Michigan Health Connect’s products meet the guidelines for federal “Meaningful Use,” helping providers utilize HIE technology to satisfy federal requirements.