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Michigan Health Connect: A Health Information Exchange

Michigan Health Connect is the state’s largest, most trusted provider of Health Information Exchange (HIE). Founded in 2009 as a nonprofit corporation by leading health systems in Michigan, Michigan Health Connect set out to advance the delivery and coordination of high-quality, efficient patient-focused health care across the state. Combining expertise in information technology and clinical data exchange, Michigan Health Connect has built the largest, most trusted HIE network in Michigan.

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Michigan Health Connect: At A Glance

The use of electronic information transmission incorporates several benefits into the current healthcare delivery system. With the rising costs associated with healthcare, the use and implementation of a widespread HIE solution has never been greater.

The use of information technology in healthcare is becoming increasingly important. With healthcare costs, wait times, and medical errors on the rise, the need for widespread Health Information Exchange has never been greater. Utilizing a health information exchange tool will speed up the availability of data where and when it is needed.

Michigan Health Connect (MHC) provides a fast and secure exchange of test results and reports among hospitals, labs, x-ray facilities and doctors statewide. Michigan Health Connect does not house a complete record of your health history. It is simply a way for health care providers to access patient medical information that they need to provide you with the highest quality care possible.